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AWS Certification for Company Employees – How Does It Work?

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There are few companies that don’t seek to have their employees be AWS certified. All in all, eight different types of certifications can be earned. The certifications ensure that those who receive them have a thorough understanding of both basic and specialty topics in the area of cloud computing. They include Cloud Practitioner, Developer, SysOps Administrator, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, Big Data and Advanced Networking.

Some of these certifications are newer than others. The latest certification to be offered is the Cloud Practitioner, which is an entry level certification. In order to receive it, an individual is encouraged to have a minimum of six months experience using AWS. This certification gives individuals a basic knowledge of its value proposition and architectural principles.

Higher level AWS certifications include Solutions Architect, which further explores the use of the platform. It includes information on AWS network technologies as well as the basics of its applications. The Certified Developer teaches individuals how to develop their own applications. Those receiving this certification must already be familiar with coding within AWS. Other certifications are slightly less involved. In order to earn one in SysOps it helps if an individual already has experience as an administrator on Windows or Linux.

The professional level certifications also include DevOps Engineers, Big Data and Advanced Networking. In order to receive a DevOps certification an individual must already be a certified developer and SysOps Administrator

These certifications are valuable, as AWS is the leading company when it comes to the adoption of the public cloud. Close to 70% of small businesses and over 60% of larger businesses use AWS. One of the reasons for this is that in order to receive certification students are provided with the kind of hands on experience that ensures their certification will be put to good use.

Whether one is a current or new employee of their company, they can benefit from AWS certification. For current employees it simply gives them an even better understanding of it. For new employees it is a chance to learn the basics that can then be applied to their job. Many companies, during their recruitment process, seek out individuals who are already certified or are will to take the steps to become certified.

AWS certification is an ongoing process as there are yearly updates applied. Anyone that has one or more of them has to update their certifications every other year. This is necessary to get the most out of it. Those seeking these certifications are urged to keep themselves familiar with N2WS so they can stay properly informed.

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