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Benefits of Dedicated Servers over Shared Hosting

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If your website is growing, you may be thinking of upgrading your hosting to a more useful plan for your business. If you are on a shared hosting plan, you may consider choosing a more customizable solution like a dedicated server. But dedicated servers can be very expensive to setup and manage and even when you use a hosting provider is still quite highly priced as compared to shared hosting.

On the other hand, shared hosting may not be able to handle your performance requirement which could be causing your website to load a little slower. To help you make up your mind, here are the benefits of dedicated servers over shared hosting;

  1. Complete Use of Server Resources

Most hosting service will advertise their shared hosting plans as having unlimited server resources. But as soon as your website’s traffic increases, you will begin to notice a dip in these resources. You experience this dip because these unlimited server resources are shared by all other websites in that hosting plan.

If you were on a dedicated server however, all the resources on the server will be only for you. This means that you have endless possibilities to scale and grow your business to immeasurable heights. The growth of your business may be worth the cost of choosing a dedicated server instead.

  1. Additional Data Security

With shared hosting, you don’t have the option to customize the server any way you want. Therefore you will be unable to control or add security customizations like firewalls and anti-virus. The complete opposite is true about dedicated servers. With dedicated servers, you are easily able to customize the package to suit your needs and therefore can install any kind of software that may be valuable to your business. When you choose an unmanaged dedicated server plan, you can easily choose when to create backups of your data, something you are unable to do with shared hosting plans.

  1. Increased Performance and Speed

Because you have total control over your resources, a dedicated server will give you more speed and performance as compared to shared hosting. Shared hosting is often unable to handle spikes in traffic that can affect the performance and speed of your website because the server is shared by a number of websites. You have more control on a dedicated server whose resources are only dedicated to your site.

  1. Easy Scalability

One of the most important reasons why businesses will upgrade to dedicated servers is the opportunity to scale and grow the business without the need to move to a different server or even purchase additional resources. This aspect is crucial to any growing business since it means you can reach more customers, sell more products and grow your business easily and quickly.

This is impossible on a shared hosting plan. The more your website traffic grow, the more products you add to your portfolio and the more customers you get, the more the website’s performance will fail.

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