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Difference Between an Active and Passive DisplayPort Converter

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The differences existing between a passive and an active DisplayPort converter should be considered properly whenever a video is about being converted from a source that usesa mini or tiny DisplayPort to DVI. For example, from a computer to any monitor. Incase a dual DisplayPort mode or a DP++ is also supported, then ensure to use a passive adapter, even if the source can carry out the conversion.  But wherever a dual DisplayPort mode or a DP++ is not supported, then the active converter is recommended because it hasadditional chips for conversion included.Thunderboltports alsosupport DP++ in certain ways.

Passive Adapters

The fact that this type of adaptersdoesn’t have any additional conversion chip included,helps to make it cheap and affordable. If you have plans of knowing if the passive adapter can work for you, then check if theDP++ sign is higher than the mini DisplayPort source. This sign is shown as a D and a P inside it with double + signs to the left, with one above the other.

Active Adapters

This adapter makes use of an additional chip for making conversion within the adapter, whether DP++ is supported by the source or not. These adapters are much more expensive as compared with the passive adapter. If you have plans of using different monitors but with a single computer then you should opt for an active adapter as it is theright choice for you, this is due to the fact that most video cards cannot run the maximum number of monitors whenever DP++ is used. You can also find out from your video card supplier to ensure you know the type of adapter required for your desired setup.

It is recommended you make use of passive adapters with trusted MST hubs, except in cases where you want to convert from Display Port to VGA then you can use a USB type c cable from PrimeCables.ca since this conversion may also need a good USB type c cable.

Connecting to surface

Incase difficulties or problems are experienced while trying to connect a passive video adapter signal to a surface deck, it is recommended you use an active video adapter for signal instead. Trusted dealers of video signal adapters can offer an active video signal adapter or converter as the case may be for HDMI monitors (MDP2HD4KS) and for a DVI monitor (MDP2DVIS).

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