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Run Baby Run if you Want to Earn

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If you want to earn money in very simple or easy way, then install Sweatcoin app in your either Android or iPhone. This app is very popular in many different countries including Europe, Canada, India, and Switzerland. Through this app, you can easily earn money by doing walking or running outside your home. If you walk 1000 steps, then you will be rewarded with 1 Sweatcoin. This is the best way to stay fit and the major benefit is that you are earning money by doing walking or running. The Sweatcoin you earned by walking, then you can easily redeem them by purchasing the items like sports watches, eBooks, and many more items from different retailers.

Sweatcoin is the best way to motivate your loved ones to move their laziness. This app is very trending among people because the coins you earned by walking or running you can easily sell and send to other people in good amount. If you are installing this app for the first time, then you will receive 5 free Sweatcoin. Next time if you don’t go running or skip you walk, then the blame it is on yourself for not earning the money. So get active and go running or walk with Sweatcoin app. You can also Sell Sweatcoin via PayPal platform, it is a very secure platform for selling the coins you earned by walking or running.

In this app, you can also send your Sweatcoin to your loved ones or any local person you know at very simple steps. First, you have to open the app and then click on second icon from right in bottom of app. After that, a new window appears on your screen and you will see your balance. Then click on “send to a friend” icon which is below your balance. After that, you have to fill out some basic information about a receiver like a username and an amount you are sending to them. But keep in mind enter the correct username and then click on send icon, which is a top right corner on app. This is also the best way to Sell Sweatcoin in very secure or instant way.

If you think that you are no longer using the Sweatcoin app, then you can easily donate your Sweatcoin to 4Kids account for good cause. The donation will not give you reward, but it is the good thing to do with your Sweatcoin.

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