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Top Qualities Of A Good Fiber Network Design

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With fiber being constantly thrown around, it really is tempting to just go along with the hype. However, when you look at fiber documentation software, it is easy to see that not all fiber networks are designed the same. There are qualities that you have to look for if you truly want to get the best out of your fiber network.

Below are the top qualities that you should have if you want a good fiber network design.

Physical Access Should Be Prevented

Security is the priority when it comes to the network design and that includes physical security. Unwanted physical access to your fiber network can be prevented in a variety of ways. You will be able to detect whether someone is tampering with your fiber network physically by installing sensor cables and having a camera that can monitor the activities along the areas where you know your fiber is located.

Encrypt Data Before, During, After Transfer

No matter how good you think the security of your fiber is, it is still important to encrypt the data that you’re transferring. Your fiber network should be able to transfer encrypted data with no issues. Any data that is stored in a network should be encrypted. While it is being transferred from that network, it should remain encrypted. The encryption should never be lost even when the last byte has been sent off.

Be Open For Adjustments

As long as your company continues to grow, your network infrastructure will require modifications. This is why it isn’t a good idea to run up the fiber network in areas of the building where it’s going to be completely inaccessible after installation. There’s fiber documentation software that you can use as resource to prepare you for adjustments that have to be done in the future.

Unity Of The Software And Hardware

The network performance boost that you get from fiber should not remain on the hardware level. The software that you use should be optimized for the upgrades that you made physically. Using a fiber documentation software, it will be easy for your technicians to find out which software and hardware have to be standardized and what standards to prop them up to which can guarantee minimal issues moving forward.

Think Of Both LAN And WAN

A common issue with companies that take advantage of fiber technology is that they only do it for a specific network. If you only use fiber for LAN, then the productivity of departments that have to work with WAN connections won’t improve. Similarly, those who have to use LAN portals of the company won’t be able to benefit from the network performance boost brought by fiber if the fiber is only available through WAN.

Use The Appropriate Devices

There are fiber intrusion detection devices that you can use so you know when there’s an attempt to intrude your network. It is important to use the appropriate device to ensure that you’re getting the best possible protection.

3-GIS offers fiber documentation software that can help companies address and get rid of the headaches of managing very complex telecom networks. Contact us today for more info.

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